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    Quote Originally Posted by darmstadt View Post
    Makes me laugh that people are so isolationist. Didn't you think that many of these people would have liked to have returned to the UK at some point but now see no future for it? The majority of these people are highly educated professionals who want to broaden their working experience by using their freedom of movement to work in other countries and then, maybe one day, bring this experience to bear working for a UK company in the UK. Obviously now, the countries in the EU will profit from this knowledge base, sad being an isolationist really...
    Yes, and they are more than welcome to come home as far as I am concerned. But let's not dress this up too much. Most people bu66er off because they already see better £ - being contractors and all. It's not for altruistic reasons that they leave or return.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darmstadt View Post
    Happening already I think:

    Not just in Germany, I know quite a few British people across Europe applying for citizenship where they live and work and plenty of British people in the UK who are looking to move now...As you can see by much of the incomprehensible and the just downright idiotic postings on this forum, it really does look like the UK is seeing brain drain
    You can post here online from abroad you know. It doesn't need a stamp and an envelope each time.

    No wonder so many of your letters to the CUK forum have been going missing, or returned "not known at this address"!
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