New Meme - Would Orlando? New Meme - Would Orlando?
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    Default New Meme - Would Orlando?

    Chiltern Firehouse waitress naked in Orlando Bloom's room | Daily Mail Online

    lower Bar apparently but I think Mitch would

    'He was an exceptionally good lover': Waitress Viviana Ross, 21, is 'SACKED from Chiltern Firehouse after being found NAKED in Orlando Bloom's room following a night of passion'
    Viviana Ross, 21, joined the Pirates of the Caribbean star in room after his shift
    Was found by her manager the next day after he had left and sacked by text
    Said she was 'hurt' but 'had an amazing time' with the actor, according to friend
    Getting sacked after being caught in the sack.

    new picture in her undies.

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