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    Zelo Street: Katie Hopkins SACKED By Mail Online

    Only one blog, and no-on else reporting it yet, but we can always hope.

    It appears that there was a meeting last week, most likely at the Northcliffe House bunker, attended by Hatey Katie, with not merely Mail people, but also lawyers, present. Whether there is another legal action in the pipeline following Ms Hopkins’ outpourings is not known. But what is known is that this meeting had one key item on the agenda, and that concerned her one-way ticket out of the building.

    Yes, Katie Hopkins is to be effectively sacked by Mail Online. But note the use of the word “effectively”: this is a face-saving formula not unlike the one used when she departed the Sun. There will be no talk of sacking. The language used will tell of people voluntarily going their separate ways. There will be talk of taking on new projects. Both parties will agree that they part on the best of terms. But it will be no different to a sacking.
    No doubt she'll find a comfy berth at Brietbart or Infowars in due course.
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