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    Quote Originally Posted by bobspud View Post
    Yes but having the cash in the bank makes more sense than ploughing it into an asset that deprecates like a brick.
    Not if you buy it after 60%+ of depreciation hit it already and desirability of the asset is maintained even if it's old...

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    Depends if you think the car will depreciate faster than sterling.

    Debt is the new saving when inflation outperforms savings rates, providing the interest on the debt is at a fixed rate so cannot go up when the value of the money goes down and they eventually move interest rates up from the 'emergency' level set in 2008.

    When the majority of the population are up to their eyeballs in mortgage/car/personal debt, they're the ones that will be bailed out so they can vote for the next lot of incompetents to keep the 'no more boom and bust' bollox going.

    So hide all your cash*, load up with debt, and all bases are covered.

    * I now understand the point of geocashing.
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