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    Quote Originally Posted by sasguru View Post
    Firstly, remember she was a Remainer. Why would she change her beliefs?
    So she's in power, makes some outrageous right-wing statements, pretends she's for a hard Brexit (which really is only supported by cretins), pretends to ignore 48% of the electorate, thus pissing them off, then calls an election she doesn't really need to.
    In the course of that election she pisses off her natural supporters with a "dementia tax", refuses to debate with anyone, and only speaks in vacuous sound bites.

    Surely it's impossible for anyone to be that inept?
    So as Sherlock says "when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth".
    She's played a blinder.
    Why don't you go and have a
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    Quote Originally Posted by SandyD View Post
    Who we are, our beliefs affect our decisions, politics etc ... if you are from a privileged background your outlook is different from someone who came from a working class, your politics/cause would be affected... if you came from a big family grew up with lots of brothers and sisters, then your outlook and priorities would be different... same if you had children or not, I think she cares for the economic progress of the country in her own way, and wants to make GB great economically, but I think she doesn't give a tulip for social justice, the elderly or the children at schools.. and yes I think this is because she is childless
    And this is why we have 650 MPs and the majority of them have to hold similar views to vote for this. Or at least it's how it's supposed to work, unfortunately the whole political system is f***ed up beyond believe and the party leader/PM along with of senior party members/ministers are shoving their views down the other MPs throats forcing them to vote one way or the other, not according to their (and by extension their constituencies) views. It's a complete farce of a democracy, separation of powers my a**

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    If we wired her up to a generator she could power the national grid(*) with all that turning.

    *Except she approved the sale of the grid to Qatar and China which went through yesterday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Equalizer View Post
    It's quite comical. It's a if CUK would be rejoicing at a Labour/SNP/Sinn Fein coalition.
    That's coming soon.

    And YOU caused it by voting for Brexit, never forget it - we won't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AtW View Post
    That's coming soon.

    And YOU caused it by voting for Brexit, never forget it - we won't.
    And you'll see what being really taxed to death is. On a lighter note, have you got yourself a new motor?

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