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    DUP says it 'can't be taken for granted', putting Tory deal in doubt


    "Prime Minister Theresa May committed to the Boundary Review in the 2017 election manifesto, but it remains unclear if it will proceed if the Tories enter into a "confidence and supply" deal with the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party.

    The DUP will be among the most severely hit by the plans in their current form.

    Three of their total 10 MPs are predicted to lose seats thanks to the changes, while a fourth DUP constituency, Belfast South, will disappear altogether."

    Boris Johnson and Iain Duncan Smith could lose their seats to Labour if a boundary review goes ahead | City A.M.

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    Michael Gove, now back in May’s cabinet, in 2000 denounced the Good Friday Agreement as a ‘moral stain’, a ‘capitulation to violence’ and a ‘denial of our national integrity’. He defended the comments last year.


    The Belfast Agreement poses a threat not just to the Britishness of Northern Ireland but the British way of doing things in law, equality of opportunity, policing and human rights. In every area it creates unhappy precedents, likely to divide our society, burden the taxpayer and bloat the State.

    The Belfast Agreement has, at its heart, however, an even greater wickedness… It is a humiliation of our Army, Police and Parliament. But, worse still, it is a denial of our national integrity, in every sense of the word. Surely, is the Belfast Agreement not the greatest achievement of this Government, but an indelible mark against it?
    Gove said:

    One of things I would say now, we now have peace in Northern Ireland, I’m delighted that we do, but the things we did during the negotiations in the way that we handled the IRA, I would not have done… There is a moral question about someone who had been engaged in terrorism should be in office and I found that very difficult to take.
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