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    Old Greg is my bitch's bitch

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotAllThere View Post
    It's what someone who's obviously not very good at contracting wants you to think. He posted his rant in the prof forums, got called out, moved to general, and is now pretending it was all fictional and he caught us good and proper.
    It was OK trolling by current standards.
    Where there's muck there's brass.

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    Nice But Dim

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    Quote Originally Posted by pangeakiller View Post

    This was just an attempt to try and cover up the fact that I posted my stupidity on a public forum and got called out for it, full stop. Good day!
    "Being nice costs nothing and sometimes gets you extra bacon" - Pondlife.

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    More fingers than teeth

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    Quote Originally Posted by pangeakiller View Post
    It was just a story attempt, full stop. No need for any life saving financial advice or motivational comment. I am working on a part 2 which will go into *General*. Good day!

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    Don't forget....Wear Sunscreen 😎
    I was an IPSE Consultative Council Member, until the BoD abolished it. I am not an IPSE Member, since they have no longer have any relevance to me, as an IT Contractor. Read my lips...I recommend QDOS for ALL your Insurance requirements (Contact me for a referral code).

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