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    Quote Originally Posted by northernladuk View Post
    If it does manage it could possibly the only intelligent thing that has the ability to learn and can make a decision in your household.

    PC out done by a thermostat.. Whoddathunkit.
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    First post: "I've noticed that the family need water heating in the morning. Has anyone else noticed this worrying trend?"
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    I've had one for a few years now, certainly saved me money. More on heating than hot water. The ability to turn on while out and about works well. There are a lot of alternatives these days but in happy with Nest. Integrates with Amazon Echo well.

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    We've got a Salus remote system but we just leave the hot water on all the time. quagmire of cesspit of laziness and unfairness....all I am doing is sticking two fingers up at nurses, doctors and other hard working employed professionals...

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