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    Quote Originally Posted by Troll View Post
    Are there no pigs that need feeding?
    That's animal cruelty.

    Pigs are fussy you know...
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    Quote Originally Posted by vetran View Post
    I was going to post a banana but that seemed inappropriate. They are barely human but joy seems wrong.
    Fair point, but karma can be a bitch...
    His heart is in the right place - shame we can't say the same about his brain...

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    Quote Originally Posted by OwlHoot View Post
    In the case of the terrorist, onto ground churned up to a mudbath by a herd of rooting pigs.

    Better still, skip the cremation and just chuck him in bits and pieces into the field (*)

    (*) minus the teeth, which might give the porkers indigestion
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    We should revive the tradition of sticking heads on sticks outside the tower of London. I bet it would bring in more tourists than it drove away.
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