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Hey BrilloPad stop being rude. Are you stupid because you don't know how to save someone's life?
Is there an admin or mediator here?
Are people allowed to make such comments?

Please I need help and support. That comment was completely out of line.
You don't want help and support. You want to do something that will make your life a misery. People here have tried to help you. You don't like the answer so whine.

Okay - if you prefer - its all legal and fine. Take the advice you want to hear.

And if you really want help, pay for it.

You really do need to point your doctor friends in the direction of this forum. They need to get out now. Go to HMRC and pay up whatever they demand. Or face years of misery.

So far I am 11 years in and its not over yet. I know others who have been in for 17 years in the same boat.

I have some doctors in the family. They actually RESEARCH something before going into it. There are alot of snake oil salesmen(and a few women). I know from my doctor relatives that some doctors are too. The Charlie Gard case has highlighted this. They say privately that some doctors want to try the latest cures with no regard for the patient well being. To be fair, its the only way medical science moves forward.