Oh dear we are in Tulip Oh dear we are in Tulip
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    Default Oh dear we are in Tulip

    Top brands pull adverts from Mumsnet forums | Daily Mail Online

    Would you say that in front of DD1? Top brands pull adverts from Mumsnet forums because of its users' foul language
    Mumsnet has millions of readers taking about variety of subjects
    Messageboard topics range from parenting to relationships and politics
    Many mothers use site to vent about their children, husbands and inlaws
    National Trust and Confused.com want banner adverts taken down from site
    Adverts appear next to posts that are sometimes of an explicit nature
    before CUK gets banned I will go ahread

    Tulip, Chunt,BarSteward -- wait for it Brexit!
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    I want to see the hand of history on his collar.

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    plaistow patricia

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    Well, **** Me. PC snowflakes sheltered from the real world discover that mothers are real people with real concerns and frustrations who want to vent said concerns and frustrations.

    Dozy ****ers should **** off to their safe spaces.

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    We are very fortunate - its all very polite and clean on this forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by saptastic View Post
    We are very fortunate - its all very polite and clean on this forum.
    f**k off you c0ckwomble.

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