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    I live on CUK

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snarf View Post
    To be fair I spent my teenage years in the outer Hebrides where you got on the bus, gave the driver a nod and paid when you got off.

    When I went back to the mainland we landed in Glasgow and I had to get a normal bus for the first time in years.. I honestly thought I was going to be beaten up by the driver when I walked straight on without thinking to pay him!
    Then I didnt know how to pay him because he was in a little perspex box to stop people hitting him with a tiny tray for money... I got some funny looks that day!

    Thinking about it, Ive got two kids.. I dont think they have been on public transport more than 2-3 times in their lives... So I can kind of see why they might think that this video is needed - then again, its hardly rocket science. Pretty sure my two could figure it out!
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    Quote Originally Posted by WTFH View Post
    It's almost like their Daily Mail reading parents FAILED to raise their children properly and are now trying to blame them for their failings as parents.
    You've not covered yourself in glory with that post.

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    Zeity is pleased to say that he's sussed how to buy railway tickets and board & leave trains.

    Zeity is pleased to say that he's sussed out how to hail taxicabs & pay their extortionate fees.

    However it's 20 or more years since Zeity had to board a bus that required paying for.

    That vid is very helpful.

    Especially now Zeity can get a buspass.

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    Our little one loves the bus, we have to make special trips so she can enjoy them. We do them mainly in France as the parking in Rouen is terrible. Though a trip to town on the bus is popular.
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