Corporation Tax starves business of investment; hurts workers. Discuss. Corporation Tax starves business of investment; hurts workers. Discuss. - Page 2
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    Reducing CT and increasing dividend tax, to me, is the way forwards. The Estonia model. You need, however, to ensure that any dividends from UK companies, whether paid to UK or non-UK entities, have the dividend tax imposed.

    And perhaps UK tax rules could be adjusted so that any payments from the UK arm of a global company to a non-UK arm should not be deductible from profits for CT purposes.

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    Didn't I see something recently about HMG considering taxation based on revenue, not profit? Targeted at those companies which offshore but raise revenue in this country but you can see it hitting UK based companies too once they realise how much could be fleeced. A retrograde step, I think.

    The problem with no CT is that the funds need to be raised from somewhere. So, the question really ought to be: "if CT were to be abolished, what would you replace it with?" HMG still needs to bring money in. I don't know the answer to that but I do wholeheartedly believe a root and branch overahaul of the entire tax system (including all the little duties and other stealth taxes) needs to happen.
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