Please mourn loss of business they never used Please mourn loss of business they never used
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    Default Please mourn loss of business they never used

    Fight HMRC now! Help sue HMRC individual officers/government ministers for malfeasance in office. Visit and scroll to the bottom of the page to donate.

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    Their own fault, for not getting on with the program.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sal View Post
    Their own fault, for not getting on with the program.
    I saw someone had started a company that sends postcards custom printed from your phone / social media account. At £3 a pop someone reckons there's a program
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    Next it will be those fudge shops I see at many seaside places, all selling the same pre-packaged stuff produced on an industrial estate elsewhere in the UK. Probably up north where the only seaside the locals see is on the packaging they're fudge packing. Their management class it as a perk of the job to take their minds off their grim locality.

    Strangest souvenir seaside shop I saw was at Newquay quite a few years ago where they had a shop selling nothing but those meerkat dolls from the insurance adverts. A real WTF moment, obviously failing to see the connection between them and the seaside tourist desire to buy crap souvenirs. Fortunately it doesn't seem to have caught on as the shop has long since gone and not seen one anywhere else.
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