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    Quote Originally Posted by WTFH View Post
    Lyon - less than 2 hours from Paris by train. Less than 2 hours from Marseille by train.

    How many people are all these companies looking to employ in one place?
    Are they wanting to limit where they can easily trade, are they unsure about the future?
    Indeed - a peak time return from Paris to Lyon is only going to set you back 100 euro's - perfectly feasible that.

    And apparently they are looking for 1.6 Million - as that is how many they employ in the UK.

    Maybe yes they are just looking to open a small office in Europe just in case....

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    They'll be doing a Junkers a la Google, ebay, amazon etc etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by worzelGummidge View Post
    Democracy did not end the day after the referendum.
    Disagreeing with you is democracy in action.

    That's the democracy argument. Back to real matters. The economy.

    Yesturday, 50 UK Tech titans took a visit to Paris to talk to the French Prime Minister
    about maybe moving to France due to Brexit.

    Companies sending their highest-level representatives include:
    TransferWise, Mixcloud, Eventbrite,, notonthehighstreet, Monzo, Blaise, Belville, Boiler Room.

    The companies, in total are valued at over £5bn, and have over 75 million customers.

    This set of companies is vital to the UK and is growing over twice as fast as the wider British economy.
    It currently employs 1.6 million people.

    People can debate all they want and complain about deals and the EU. The reality is that companies, people, money and influence are starting to drift off.
    Have they seen the tax rates in France? Luxembourg is the place to be, surely? The whole point about tech companies is it doesn't matter where they are physically based. And best of luck replacing 1.6 million employees with some unemployed Frenchies "just like that". Still, it's a nice gesture to the EU, giving the impression they are thinking of leaving the UK.
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