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    Quote Originally Posted by Mordac View Post
    1 - I think you'll find you nicked that idea from me. That said, I nicked it from my Grandad Doris.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wilmslow View Post
    I am at that stage where I know I need to plan taking some time out. Starting a new gig next week which looks like a fixed term, so after that looks like a good time to take it.

    Warchest is good, I can live for a few years, mortgage could be paid off if I wanted. So financially in a good place for a few months off.

    However, I am worried about returning after taking time out - people don't tend to like a gap. I am also worried about not being able to resist looking. Those that take time out, how do you manage it? Those that don't, how do you keep sane?
    Depends on the gap and how close the scrutiny is likely to be - I don't put months on my CV or LinkedIn profile (some people I know don't even put years!) so have never found it an issue at all. Having said that I have never contracted (independently rather than as a permie consultant) in the PS so might be different there if they go through stuff with a finer comb for vetting etc.

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