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    Quote Originally Posted by Jog On View Post
    On paper maybe. Point being that POTUS (whoever it is) is more of a figurehead and speech reader. The actual grown ups making the real decisions decide whether either of these things happen or don't.
    this isn't true in modern day US politics

    it may have been how the founders intended the Presidency to work but over the course of history and particularly since the 60's the executive branch has grabbed more and more power from the Congress (people)

    this is why proper constitutionalists scream blue murder at every Executive Order that a president signs as more often then not it's giving more power to the President.

    what you find is that supporters of the incumbent won't protest it as it's "their guy" but all fail to realise that the powers they sign into law are inherited by the next president to take office

    so Dems hated Bush's Exec Orders but were silent on Obama's and vice versa for the Republicans

    the whole point of checks and balances in the US system was that one person can't have power to declare war unilaterally that was supposed to lay with Congress

    but since Congress has become corrupted you end up with a perceived manic with his hands on the nuclear button which he has the power to press

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    Quote Originally Posted by northernladyuk View Post
    No, 'explicitly implied' were your words and demonstrate you lack of intelligence.

    An allegation does not necessarily lack proof. So taken as a whole, the term 'allegations' is fine where one person out of many has admitted guilt.
    Possibly, but then your OP stated 'allegation'

    Ps. you may want to add an 's' onto friend with your next stealth edit

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