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    Kids savings account - Halifax offering 4%
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    Quote Originally Posted by sasguru View Post
    Short term thinking. I'm talking over 20 years. 40K is a small sum after all.
    Some of my index funds are emerging markets, now is the time to get in if you have a 10-20 year outlook.
    Very little invested in UK securities.
    And yes I have a diversified portfolio including cash and property.
    You are talking over 20 years?

    Good news - I am also.

    Refer to graph and the peaks. You would be *much* worse now, particular relative to inflation. As I said, don't invest right now if you're new to it, because as you can see the past peaks aren't hugely below the existing peak. Why is it a peak? Companies aren't doing particularly well, consumer loans are much higher, spending is trending downwards. If you invest some huge lump sums in the next 6 months you will regret it. Instead split those into 36 lump sums and invest per month instead; that's far better advice:

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