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    I Am Legend

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    Quote Originally Posted by WTFH View Post
    You can be really nasty and deliberately vindictive some times. Hove you ever been married to BrilloPad?
    some times? When did I post anything nice?

    In fact, MF suggested it the last time he left. And MF is a really nice guy.

    If you don't have the balls, cojak has.....

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    Old Greg is my bitch's bitch

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrilloPad View Post
    Could you delete one just to annoy him.

    How about the one where he behaves like a cretin. You have 34,000 to pick from.

    Usually he is back after a short break - he is probably being sentenced this morning.
    Add one would be better.
    Where there's muck there's brass.

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