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Do have to login to facebook to use the rift?
I used my own email to set things up but at some point linked my facebook to it, I think when I tried the facebook beta software. Which incidentally is pretty darn interesting and I can see this progressing for virtual meetings. Though AR seems a better fit for meetings (you can see the keyboard).

I've put a few hours into VR now and definitely enjoying it. I've downloaded the sdk, unity etc to see if I can make something myself.

Something I have noticed is after spending a few hours in VR, I'm definitely more clumsy. I've walked into my coffee table (that hurt) and at the gym I head butted the weights on the machine.

If I'm totally honest, I'm enjoying VR but it's not quite there yet. The resolution needs to improve, the cables need to go. Graphics cards need to get better or they need to work out some other means of showing a decent picture to your eyes.

Anyone think of a simple app that would work in VR, work related or anything simple?? It's a bit like the early days of the app store on the iphone. People are still paying crap for rubbish. I want to write something before the quality gets better and the competition improves.