Hey NAT - this near you? Hey NAT - this near you?
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    Default Hey NAT - this near you?

    Swiss town offering £50,000 for families to move there | Daily Mail Online

    We'll pay you to live here! Picturesque Swiss mountain town facing exodus of residents considers offering £50,000 to every family willing to move in
    The population has now sunk to just 240 people and the local school has been forced to close its doors
    Municipality president said town is quiet, has phenomenal views and many hours of sunshine all year round
    The money is meant for anyone under the age of 45 who wants to build, buy or renovate a home in the town
    According to the rules anyone who moves away again ten years must repay the money they were given
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    Do the town have a mosque yet, or does that come later?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mordac View Post
    Do the town have a mosque yet, or does that come later?
    If they do, it won't have a minaret. They're banned under Swiss law.

    No, it's not near me, though I've skied at Leukerbad. Anyway, I'm too old to take up their offer.
    Hmm. I'm beginning to suspect that you need to find all the packing the computer came in...

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