Brillo you screwed them all up... Brillo you screwed them all up...
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    Default Brillo you screwed them all up...


    Children whose lives are shattered by divorce or family break-up are still suffering from the damage when they reach retirement age, a state-funded study said yesterday.

    It said that children whose parents divorce by the time they are 16 are more likely than others to be out of work 40 years later.

    The report by an ageing research group listed divorce or a parent quitting the home as central reasons – alongside physical or sexual abuse – why adults may be unable to hold down jobs in their 50s or to choose to work on in later years.
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    My ex-wives screwed them up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SueEllen View Post
    Brillo you screwed them all up...
    Damn autocorrect....

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