AtW's accident explained? AtW's accident explained?
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    Default AtW's accident explained?

    Squirrel fills Reigate man's car with hundreds of acorns | Daily Mail Online

    Oh Dear

    Motorist is driven nuts after his car breaks down because a squirrel has filled its engine with ACORNS
    Andrew Wilkins, 25, found the rodent's hoard of nuts after returning from holiday
    His vehicle was turned into a winter supply store by the acorn-stashing squirrel
    Andrew, from Reigate in Surrey arse end of Walsall , discovered it after taking his car to a garage

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    Found some little mice had made nests in a box of plumbing spares in my shed. Nibbled up all the packets, rubber things and pipe sealing tape. I probably shouldn't have been feeding them.

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    You are what you eat.

    Clearly in Surrey they eat nuts.
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