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Why is this a surprise? Numerous posters on here boasted of voting tory at the last election, plus the previous election. Their mantra has always been to benefit their business friends. You're experiencing what was intended: the dismantling of good quality NHS service. As with all hospitals, the odd mistakes were made here and there. A private hospital will not refuse you, primarily because they are encouraged to offer service, surgery and friendliness which makes you feel that it's a better overall service. Feelings are not facts and are not to be trusted.
That little line encapsulates everything that is wrong with the critical thinking with regards to the NHS.

Government: "we are going to offer every junior doctor in the UK a contract of employment"
BMA: "you are not committed to a national health service"
Government: "If you don't take it we will impose the employment contract on you"
BMA: "OMG they want to sack us & dismantle the NHS"