UK build up of plastic waste UK build up of plastic waste
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    Default UK build up of plastic waste

    UK faces build-up of plastic waste - BBC News

    I don't understand why goods sold require so much plastic. Even bananas are wrapped in plastic these days.

    While living in Zurich in 1989 all supermarkets provided paper bags for shopping. Why can't plastic bags be banned?

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    I think the reason we don't see as much paper packaging in the UK as elsewhere is due to the crappy weather, they'd be a soggy mess before you walked more than 2 steps outside the shop. We need more climate change, to reduce the rainfall.

    Don't worry the government are going to try to address the issue through taxation.

    Worked so well with road tax and diesel cars hasn't it.

    Saw a news piece yesterday where a dozen or so bints had a jolly sailing around the UK highlighting the problem of plastic pollution. I feel it's going to take a lot more than that to raise enough awareness.

    Something more drastic needs doing if we're not to end up with a planet resembling the one in Wall-E. Humans, the scourge of the planet. Where are the aliens to show us how an advanced civilisation really works? Can't get through all the space debris probably.
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