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    Quote Originally Posted by original PM View Post
    We had this discussion on here a few years back - and we agreed that anyone who comes in and suggests outsourcing should be immediately sacked because they are clearly looking for a short term gain over long term profitability and stability.

    But I guess if everyone on the exec board of a company is just looking for a quick buck then.....
    Unfortunately, not many of us are on the boards of these big companies.

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    Default Outsourcing bad, hosted services too

    It's not just outsourcing that's bad for business its hosted services which can be costly as well. I've heard suppliers such as Siemens say that when the customers data gets to their systems its the suppliers and not the customers data! Google make good use of the data we give them with our casual searches and others do too. I've recently lost business because my clients moved a service to a hosted one and all of a sudden I can't access the database to supply my service and part of the clients facilities cease to exist and despite all the promises that they'll sort it out later they never do Government data is moved out of jurisdiction and put into huge shared databases with flimsy partitioning with some of these services. I had a case where an integration started doing strange stuff because all of a sudden it could see everyone's CRM data and not just the specific clients This was local authority data where strong data protection should apply Trying to explain the impact of some of this to customers is a bit though.

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    Most seems to be outsourced anyway:

    TCS will become M&S's "principal technology" supplier, replacing agreements with Fujitsu, Sapient and Daisy Group. The outsourcing business will also try to identify areas of inefficiency at M&S and create a "new Technology Operating Model", which sounds more than a little nebulous.

    Previously, Fujitsu had managed on-site IT support for M&S, Sapient helped managed its online platform and Daisy Group provided some managed services.
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