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    Quote Originally Posted by administrator View Post
    Still got my 1210s and a tulip load of vinyl! Priciest one I have seen yet in my collection is this one:
    One Cut Commander, 1998 Original Limited Edition Album Cover & Vinyl, BANKSY | eBay

    One sold for £1,300 quid or something a month or three ago. Nice to see the mainstream getting into vinyl again. My collection will be worth at least a whole bitcoin soon
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    I wonder if there's an app for processing digital audio by bumping up the base volume, and adding a faint hum and random background crackle, and the occasional endless loop.

    That way all these old vinyl enthusiasts could still enjoy their music by imagining it was being played on a gramophone record player.
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    Quote Originally Posted by greenlake View Post
    She's hardly changed at all

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