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    Quote Originally Posted by JIDEARE View Post
    I did attend a Health & Safety Induction when I started at my last place. How the hell will they know anyway?

    I didn't sign anything to say I attended it... was easier to just do it and not make a fuss.

    Is that bad practice? But more importantly, how will anyone know?
    Many clients have online courses which you sign electronically (or produce an electronic certificate at the end)

    The ones that do that tend to be a bit more clued in and ensure that the invitation/requirement is for anyone who has access to their sites or their systems, then specifying a list of: employees, temporary staff, contractors, suppliers, ...
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    Any FS client will want you do anti-bribery, anti-money laundering, digital security, type "courses". It's pretty much a tick box exercise for them to prove compliance so if you did conduct yourself in a non-legal manner, they can hold their hands up to the regulators and say "well, he did the training, we told him not do it your honour".

    There is no IR35 issue when it has a legal/regulatory/compliance requirement behind it.

    If they said, we're putting everyone on an Excel for dummies course to use up training budget, then you politely decline the opportunity.

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