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    Lots of reasons for this. You can pick the one that fits your political bias.

    New homeless migrants have overwhelmed social services as they jump the housing queue (diversity targets/having kids etc).

    Closing the old asylums, quite a lot of homeless are mentally ill and/or drug addicts who really can't cope with life's complexities.

    Cost of housing relentlessly increasing for decades while successive governments bail-out every market correction.

    Low-interest rates/poor pension returns making the BTL market attractive to retiring "Boomers" as a form of yield.

    Foreign investors having no restriction on investing in UK property which they often leave empty or rent to professionals only, reducing purchase supply and supporting market prices.

    Could add more but getting bored.

    Don't know how any government is going to be able to fix this mess, two decades in the making now without totalitarianism and the magic ability to withstand economic collapse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hobosapien View Post
    From being out in the cold so equivalent of freezing to death?
    Pretty much
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    Quote Originally Posted by MyUserName View Post
    We volunteer at a winter homeless shelter. Due to resources we can only open in the winter but we give them somewhere safe and warm to sleep for as long as we can provided they stay off alcohol and drugs for the night. Last winter when one of our regulars did not come in she was found dead the next morning in the town centre. It is pretty harrowing stuff at times.
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