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    Quote Originally Posted by wparkar View Post
    I have been thinking about getting mine reviewed as well. If you do go for it, let us know how it goes.

    I was also looking through the posts/links above and found this:

    "Your CV probably shows each contract as a 'separate employment'. Re-write your CV showing your limited company as your employer and your contracts as external consultancy assignments (as if you were a 'Big 5' Consultant). This is legally correct and will present you in a more 'suitable' light. "
    Reference Here

    Is this how you are meant to write out different contracts? I have always put them down as separate employments.
    I used to do this and changed back because I was sick of explaining to idiot agents that the top level name was my company. Rightly or wrongly, I went for the path of least resistance and tbh, I think my contact rate increased.

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    I used a CV writing service maybe 2/3 years back but don't remember the name quite well. They did polish up my CV and it did help me. I would say you can give it a try.

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