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    Quote Originally Posted by vwdan View Post
    To be honest, on a practical level, my only gripe with the concept of IR35 is that it means I can't compete commercially for contracts away from home.

    It's not far fetched to believe that even if inside agreements did become widespread that contract rates would increase as people flow back to permie - which is fine for local stuff where a bit of mileage and lunch is a perk. But, as I say, it would mean really pricing yourself out the market to cover any staying away expenses.

    And as someone who is more consultant than contractor that really rubs raw, because I could go and get a permie consultant job based at home and be sent away for long periods, where I get to claim expenses just like I do now.

    Non practically I have a lot of issues with the whole bulltulip and I'm thoroughly glad to see the government suffering. Not that it'll make a blind bit of difference to their decision making.
    Yes thats another thing. Inside IR35 means no more expenses.

    As you say, not a huge issue for local candidates (like me at current client) but its a double whammy for live away contractors who now have to shell out for accomodation etc out of net.

    The current effect of IR35 on the PS client I work at is that:-

    1) A lot of contractors left because of the uncertainty/chance of retrospective.
    2) They've had to raise rates by 35%.
    3) They're now pretty much stuck with local candidates only because its still not worth paying the hotel yourself.

    For someone like me, coming in at April 2017 (So no retrospective) with the increased rate meaning take home was the same, minimal travel, it was golden. As it is for future renewals.

    It was a complete cluster**** before April 2017 and I'm sure a lot of PS clients didn't really think about when they declared IR35 status. They can't have.

    Another reason why I think if this transfers to the private sector and private companies start to work out this then it'll be chaos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by original PM View Post
    wtf would you do with 40 big data engineers?
    You clearly would be surprised. - My current contract is hiring that number. Private sector. I wonder where the 10 or so data engineers on the market will end up.

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