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I start a week on Monday and they may not accept a completely new contract structure with this timeframe. I'd rather send them a mark-up which deals with the key clauses. I see IPSE offer a contract review service but its a 5 working day turnaround You can pay extra for 24 hours service, does anyone know how much this is?
Not off the top of my head, but set it against the value of the contract itself and it's peanuts.

More to the point, IPSE's contracts are properly drafted and are IR35-proof: they were written by serious experts in the field and do not require review. The whole idea is that they work out of the box.

And any agency contract will follow the same broad content; where the agencies go wrong is by bolting all sorts of extraneous rubbish to protect them from risk, from possibilities of being sued for employment rights and from having to pick up taxation bills. None of these will ever happen, of course, but agencies are the ultimate risk-averse businesses.