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    I bought a period, listed property a year ago as a BTL

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    Quote Originally Posted by RetSet View Post
    So, what band is the property?

    What suggestions were made with the current EPC for improving the rating?

    Not enough information here.

    You have gone into a new business without doing due dilligence?

    You're right, I didn't ask anyone "in 2015 did the government set a minimum EPC level for new tenancies?"
    I also didn't ask "in 2019 will I have to provide free bananas to my tenants". I have never seen any reference to this before when reading up on landlording or in passing when reading about BTLs etc online. This is why we use professionals who do know the pitfalls, as knowing the questions to ask is not obvious.

    You're just being a pain on purpose

    BTW, BTL only refers to the fimance vehicle, i.e. a mortgage granted for the purpose of buying a property to let. Prior to that (and this still applies in many instances) it would have to be done via a commercial mortgage. Commercial Mortgages are NOT BTL. Buying a property for cash with a view to renting out is NOT BTL.

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