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    WTF?? - i thought this was an apple thread about Irons.
    sodding momsnet!
    who irons stuff? - sheesh
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    Quote Originally Posted by northernladuk View Post
    The last 3 irons we've had have been this one (or variants as they've changed over the years) and they are bloody great. At that price I'll be buying another as a spare as the current one is a couple of years old.

    I think they are better as the ones you've linked can be massive so I'd say check the dimensions first. The swan one was big enough for hard use but not as big as the others.

    Tons of steam definitely the way to go and wouldn't go back to a normal one now.

    Only downside is actually the amount of steam. If you are in the habit of doing it all in one go you'll get a lot more condensation on the windows and the ironing board could start to drip.
    Arrived and used it over the weekend.

    to NLUK for recommending. Works very well and appears a solid product. Good value for money.
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    I have been using a steam generator iron from Philips for quite a period of time and I am more than happy. Easy to use and no fuss.

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