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    Quote Originally Posted by BR14 View Post
    well, thanks for that, but you know feck all about me, really, and you need to spend your 'contractor's fortune in some swiss clinic having a sense of humour fitted
    chill with the still I'm not an expat!
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    Quote Originally Posted by vetran View Post
    chill with the still I'm not an expat!
    Well, get over there with the wingeing immigrants then!
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    Quote Originally Posted by d000hg View Post
    So where did the cash come from for the Porsche?

    300 a week is easy to hide, 300 a day less so. If you stash it under the bed you can't easily spend it.
    £300 a day in cash is easy for many tradesmen. You basically put enough through the books to pay the utulity bills that are paid online, big holidays etc, lease for the new Porsche. Mortgage is long paid off too.

    The cash pays for all the household shopping at Waitrose, visits to nice restaurants, expensive clothes/shoes for the wife, fuel, trips out to hotels. All the luxuries.

    Amazing what you can do when you receive a large proportion of your income in lovely cash...
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    If cash in hand is banned then a lot of trouble for me I guess...

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