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    Paris burns as rioters attack buildings and vehicles on May Day | Daily Mail Online

    Hundreds are arrested as anti-capitalist rioters attack buildings, torch vehicles and loot McDonald's in Paris with millions of people taking to the streets around the world in May Day demo madness
    Workers in several different countries took to the streets to march for the rights of labourers around the world
    Demonstrators in Paris, France, destroyed shops and threw rocks at police who responded with tear gas
    Protests in Istanbul, Turkey, took an ugly turn as demonstrators clashed with armoured riot police officers
    Workers in Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Cambodia, Russia and even England also held celebrations of the day
    You know they are serious when they loot a McDonalds.

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    An article by a guy who was a revolting student in Paris in 1968 says the demonstrators see themselves as heirs to 1968 and behaving in the same spirit. However, 1968 was about radical change. The riots and strikes in France this year are about keeping things as they are - SNCF employees getting early retirement on fat pensions, students being allowed to study for any course, regardless of ability or previous exams results.
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    1968 was about (initially) Vietnam in Paris, was an inneresting item on R4 T'other day.

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