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How does the reason help you?

If it is simply the project is cancelled, budget cut etc, then fine.

If they don't believe you are good enough, that should be fine too, but is more likely to have the contractor moaning whinging with something to cling onto ("I'm not rubbish" etc)

If they want me out, I don't want to stay.
Because unless you are direct with the client, it's not the client who cancels your contract. It's the agent.

If an agent chooses to cancel your contract, then making them put something in writing is useful. They might be cancelling it because they decide they can replace you with someone more profitable for them. If they then lie and say it's because the client doesn't need you any more, or the project has been cancelled, then when you find out that the agent lied to you, you can get your legal team onto them. It can also give you an opportunity to part ways with the client on good terms.