I've got VOIP phones as I don't have a BT connection, just a fast FiWi delivering t'Internet via radio Recently the network has been having some LOS issues affecting UDP and therefore VOIP so to avoid suffering crappy phone calls whilst they fix things I've added a 2nd WAN for VOIP only using the mobile '3' network and one of their PAYG 321 sims. Works great and looking at the data usage VOIP calls via '3' are cheaper than mobile calls via '3'. A mobile call costs 3p/minute whilst data is 1p/MB and VOIP uses <1MB/minute

Strange marketing practises abound though. Earlier this week I got 2 offers from Virgin and the Daily Mail wine clubs, Virgin offered a 20% discount on a build your own case and the Daily Mail 30%. Erm I bought via the DM for 30% off but why are Virgin offering different discount levels via different channels to the same customers for the same wines