Good job old chap! Good job old chap!
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    Default Good job old chap!

    When I first started working on my open source image hosting service PictShare I didn't think anyone but myself would use it.

    I use it all the time and foremost on this blog to host the images I'm embedding. Over the years the usage has increased and with increased usage of a site where you can upload images anonymously there will be those who upload illegal things.

    Not long ago it was brought to my attention that someone uploaded and linked an image that could be child pornography via PictShare.
    After compiling the NCS SDK on the Raspberry Pi (which took about 10 hours on a Raspberry Pi 3) and compiling yahoos pretrained open_nsfw model to the NCS platform I wrote a script that could successfully classify images which contained nudity or pornographic content.
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    Excellent work

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