Has anybody dealt with Miura Consulting Has anybody dealt with Miura Consulting
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    Default Has anybody dealt with Miura Consulting

    I have been contacted by a company called Miura Consulting.

    The guy seemed professional and articulate, but of course he may just be a good salesman.

    They present themselves as a Consultancyvsnd profess to have place consultants into relevant contracts I.e act as an agent.

    They offer a free webinar and potentially then a paid series of webinars plus a day's classroom training.

    It does have warning signs written over it, I get that.

    However, their 'Brexit' training looks like it covers relevant topics and at £750 there is not so much to lose; I do have training budget and time to fill.

    However, I am of course keen to hear from anyone who has heard of the company, attended their training or been placed in a contract by them.

    They get excellent reviews on Trustpilot albeit from reviewers with no history so not great. However I find no reports of scams when searching on the internet.

    There is a suspicious post on here from 3 years ago that they were contacted to do a graduate work placement for free so this doesn't help either.
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    If you want to waste your £750 on bilge then go right ahead.

    Basically no-one knows what’s going to happen.
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    I’m excited to hear about the brexit training.

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