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    18th Birthday tonight. I'm a dirty old man, one lass who was the 18 year old's friend was in a dress so tight you could see bumps where her moles were, medium mountains for other things. Unfortunately she had forgotten to purchase a bra so I spent the evening betting with the 18 year old's stepdad a quid a nipple peek. I won! Please ladies get your mum to wear the dress so I feel like less of a perv or don't dance to "shake your tail feather" with your baps unsecured.

    Best songs were older than most of the teenagers, Lil Richard, Aretha, Ray Charles & Be E King were happily danced to.

    Tomorrow doing a sampler and helping a mate with his car.

    Sunday Mrs V is off to France with her mate on a booze cruise. I have mini V to the swimming lesson, up to FIL's to lay some slabs & the club run for miss v2.
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