Government borrowing jumps to £6.8bn in August Government borrowing jumps to £6.8bn in August
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    Default Government borrowing jumps to £6.8bn in August

    Wonder what could have caused that?

    Government borrowing rose by more than expected last month following subdued tax receipts and an increase in expenditure.
    Borrowing jumped to £6.75bn last month from £4.35bn a year earlier, the Office for National Statistics said.
    It was the first year-on-year rise in borrowing in August for three years.
    However, borrowing for the year to date is 30.5% lower at £17.8bn, potentially giving Chancellor Philip Hammond room for manoeuvre in the Budget.
    Economists had expected borrowing to be about £3.4bn last month.
    Tax receipts rose by 1.6% last month from a year ago, while spending rose 5.4%.
    Andrew Wishart from Capital Economics, said: "The worse outturn was due to higher spending than last year. In particular, departmental spending picked up."
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