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    Quote Originally Posted by Zigenare View Post
    It's well known that if you go trudging through a forest in France you whistle or sing at the top of your voice otherwise the overenthusiastic French hunters will take a pot-shot at you!
    I swapped the cans on my 'guzzi when i had a sunday ride in the Jura.
    pissed the hunters off, - scared game away for feckin miles <sorry, Klicks>

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    Plot Twist

    Mark Sutton's mum says she's glad he was shot dead in France by hunter | Metro News

    "His own mother and sister said they are glad that he is dead after he raped a woman around 100 times"

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    Bit harsh, doublely so as the rape allegations were not investigated and he could have been extradited if he had a case to answer.

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