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    Quote Originally Posted by gnarledcontractor View Post
    very nice to meet you all.. sorry to nip off early..

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    Quote Originally Posted by mudskipper View Post
    Good to meet you too - thanks for coming!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarillionFan View Post

    WTF type of contract did you find in Brixham? There's nothing there apart from four fingered locals, crap pubs and fishermen who want to beat you up?
    You'd be surprised. When a large company nearby called Nortel closed, it spawned loads of fibre optic startups in the Torbay area.

    Chatting to one or two fishermen on the sea front during my fag breaks, I've found them fairly civil. There's one guy who fishes with a Jack Russell, and each time he casts the mutt makes a couple of strange loud yapping noises "YIP YAP". Drives the other fishermen potty apparently, so this guy has to find a spot on his own.
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