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Helping people pay less tax is hardly a constructive use of taxpayers money...

And most of that £85m would be saved by getting rid of all the middle managers who sit around all day dreaming up stupid ways to spend even more money. I can tell the end of year is approaching, because I get deluged with texts and other targeted mail to quit smoking. They need to spend the cash quickly, or they don't get it next year.
Indeed, with another benefit of the other budget restrictions being less people alive to receive pensions...(if it weren’t going to the NHS centrally instead, that is)

Surprised the government aren’t promoting horse riding, after their response to Prof Nutt and the MDMA comments years ago

We’ve all heard about spend it or lose it, end of financial year stupidity, with it being just that.

If you haven’t spent it this year, you don’t need it next year... ffs, public sector thinking eh?