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    I suppose my thinking is along the lines of further diversifying (i.e.: equities and BTL) and that along with a yield of 5-6%, there is a potential for capital gain in regards to property price, and being able to use leverage to further increase property portfolio. That coupled with the fact that potentially, if the company-to-company loan is a viable option, makes BTL seem an attractive option, particularly for a contractor.

    Then again, granted equities need a lot less administration and demands on mine/my wife's time, but as someone fairly new to investing, I suppose it's easier to wrap my head around a tangible bricks and mortar investment rather than scary stocks...!

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    Put your money in bitcoin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scooterscot View Post
    Consider the expected yield. 5%?

    Interest rates are going to be beyond that number a in year or so anyway. You may as well leave your money in the bank. When interest rates move back up the BTL market will slump.

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    Last credit crisis in the UK you've got to look back to the 1930's, recognise a pattern? You think interest rates are not going to rise uncontrollably again?

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    looking to the future am considering possibly getting into BTL
    I've heard it's the future...especially as many are leaving the market.

    Interest rates aren't going to rise in the UK, we've had our Japan moment. Immigration will rise not fall, Brexit or no Brexit. MIMBY's and planning departments will ensure feck all housing stock is built.

    I'd say bloody good idea.
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