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    There was a guy posting last week I think that was infrastructure with only 3 year experience out of uni. This would be the ideal role for someone like that. Where you go afterwards would be the problem though.
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    I did a 2 day gig once. For a shed load of money. Very interesting seeing how small city brokers work.

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    Pretty carp even for normal rates in the engineering sector.

    Short term contracts usually pay much better. Got one once when some idiot erased or corrupted part of a military simulator I had worked on in my full time days. There's a tip, when you're working on an important piece of software, insert a hack you can trigger to screw it up. They'll pay you a lot of dosh to come back and fix it.

    PS AS long as they don't know you did it of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OwlHoot View Post
    A one-day team leader contract at, wait for it, £196.73 per day

    Team Leader - 05/02 ONLY - Bristol - January-28-2019 (GvN73)

    I'd consider it, but not for a penny less than £197 "per day" !

    Talk about taking the outright mick!
    i would like to know the maths behind how did they reach a figure of 196.73
    probably a complex mathematical eqation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy2 View Post
    i would like to know the maths behind how did they reach a figure of 196.73
    probably a complex mathematical eqation
    I once agree £600pd cost to client with client and then was directed to Hays who applied a 5% markup (so divided 600 by 1.05) leaving me with 571.43.

    So I guess this is something similar to arrive at a round number. Alternatively they have divided a permie salary by a number between 208 and 245 or similar.
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