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    More fingers than teeth

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenMirror View Post
    Wasn't there a case a while ago of a couple having sex on a train. No-one objected. Until they lit up a post coital cigarette....
    Oh yeah....

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    More fingers than teeth

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    Quote Originally Posted by GJABS View Post
    So these three guys are travelling home on the tube, between Leicester Square and Waterloo stations, and decided all of a sudden that it would be a great idea to have "sexual relations" there and then, and film it for the benefit of Twitter.

    And now they've been fined for outraging public decency.

    Well it doesn't take much figuring out that somebody's going to complain about it - I have no problem with porn in principle, but there is a time and place for it surely?

    Of course purely for research purposes I was going to have a look for the clip online - but decided against it as apparently there weren't any women involved, the three being those homosapiens type characters

    Porn actor fined for threesome on London Underground - BBC News
    Anyone have a link? I'm just curious to see how crowded the carriage was, honest

    Seriously, if it was packed like sardines as carriages often are during the day in the West End, I'm slightly surprised any other passengers could actually see what was going on unless the perps were ostentatiously moaning and groaning!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SimonMac View Post
    For balance, if it was three women would you have been as offended?
    Now you're talking

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