corr look at the fur on that! corr look at the fur on that!
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    Default corr look at the fur on that!

    Multi-coloured Malabar Giant squirrel captured in stunning images in India | Daily Mail Online

    someone hose AtW down!

    • Malabar Giant squirrels have a patchwork of fur, with colours ranging from beige and tan to brown and rust
    • The exotic rodents are double the size of their grey relatives and measure up to 36 inches from head to tail
    • They prefer the tops of trees to the ground, foraging for nuts, fruits and flowers far from the ground for safety
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    I want to see the hand of history on his collar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vetran View Post
    someone hose AtW down!
    No need for AtW to go all the way to India. There's plenty of local action to be found on Tinder....

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    Some people just have too much time on their hands. corr look at the fur on that!

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    Hard to believe those pics are real.

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    He's already hosed the squirrel down and the dye has run off the sofa.
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