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    Quote Originally Posted by siphr View Post
    Interesting, is there an easy to follow reference somewhere that I can go and read, or would a general google query suffice?

    On a side note: The thread title would probably not hint at a valuable exchange , for anybody who was searcing.
    Ask Scruff to change the title. As the owner I’m sure he’ll oblige...
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    @Scruff Enjoy the £20 voucher assuming your URL is correct.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SimonMac View Post
    And IPSE is getting just as far remaining silent on the situation

    Had a record

    And I chose no-one, any lobbying "for the contractor" has long gone quite and the focus is now on maternity pay for mums and rural broadband, neither of which resonate with me as a bum on seat contractor for which the PCG was founded

    It's not just the ex-cc who have abandoned the IPSE forums, pretty much everyone has! But yes you are right, work goes on as shown by the recent announcement of the Members Forums participants, and the fact IPSE would happily have an individual who disregarded a signed NDA as long as he agrees with the managements views. I wonder if Gavin Williamson would have kept his job if he was as much as a sycophant.
    I find this post very interesting and valid. Let me make some salient points.

    Given that it's claimed that there are 15000+ direct members of IPSE, it's really surprising that such a very small minority of members even voted in the latest issues. I guess no one can claim that the numbers are representative of the membership's views either way. However, if the voting statistics did reflect the general membership views, then clearly a sizeable proportion of the membership doesn't agree with the direction that IPSE is taking.

    A BoD director resigned, and some long standing respected members have not renewed their membership. If the silent majority are actually BoS, and I believe there are many, then clearly I really can't see what benefit IPSE membership would offer them come April 2020. I'm a long standing member, however, just like HMRC, nothing seems to affect their policies and direction.

    IPSE continually claims to be affecting the issues in a positive way, but offers no evidence to support this, despite being challenged by some members to do so. Yes, many IR35 investigations have been successfully defended by organisations affiliated to IPSE, and a few individuals have had success when directly supported by IPSE.

    They claim to have affected the issue of NIC's for self employed people, but the Chancellor had no choice but to listen to the objections of a sizeable number of MP's. I really can't see how such a group of MP's would have listened to anyone other than their own constituents.

    So, is IPSE having an effect on the issues? I'm undecided at the moment.

    "IPSE is getting just as far remaining silent on the situation" - it would seem so.

    "Had a record" - perhaps more so when it was the PCG

    "It's not just the ex-cc who have abandoned the IPSE forums, pretty much everyone has!" - and the forum posting rules can be used judiciously to ban some people from posting entirely

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